Saturday, January 08, 2005

Walking: Social Security

Well, the Internet is clearly still a work in progress. I've been researching Social Security and trying to educate myself on the various proposals starting to fly around for reforming it. Google is my friend of course, but there are so many sites that get hit with only slightly different queries. I hope to publish something a bit more formal over on The View From the Fringe soon.

In the mean time, here are a collection of links related to Social Security I've found interesting and useful:

  • The Social Security Administration. Of particular interest are the 'Actuarial Resources' (e.g. what does the financial future for Social Security look like?)
  • A rather interesting article describing just how poorly many Americans are saving for retirement.
  • The Century Foundation has a site dedicated to Social Security reform. I can't yet tell where they fit into the political landscape but they make some intersting points. Still trying to figure out the types of charged particles here.
  • I haven't yet read President Bush's position on Social Security, Retirement Security, and Medicare
  • The Cato Institute, a conservative thinktank, always seems to have something to say. So it's no surprise they have a big site about Social Security reform. Lots of charged particles that are useful, as long as you account for their spin.

I'm sure I'll find many more.

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Brad said...

Welcome to blogger!

Thanks for the moneycentral link. I'll even give some slack for a Microsoft site and say it was interesting. I would note that they talk about the "average account value" as though that were the only account the person had. I have two 401k accounts and an IRA for example (two from previous employers). I would bet most people over 30 have more than one account and haven't consolidated (i.e. rolled-over) them. It's a fine point nonetheless and their point should be well taken.. Save now!